Media Releases

1 August 2022 Meeting at the EKKA A Special meeting has been arranged by Cattle Producers Australia with the support of the Gulf Cattleman’s Association to consider options to deal with FMD and issues concerning the Peak Industry Body Restructure for Cattle producers.

24 January 2022
Beef Central, Postive Steps on the way for new Peak Industry Council

2 July 2021
Beef Central, Red meat levy payer register in operation

24 February 2021
The Land, Shan Goodwin, Red meat single body for levies officially of the table

24 December 2020
CPA Blog/Media Release: Communique – grass-fed cattle industry roundtable

21 December 2020
CPA Christmas Newsletter: CPA Christmas Newsletter (

19 October 2020
CPA Blog/Media Release: Cattle Producers Australia Progressing Reform for Cattle Industry

24 September 2020
Farmonline, Shan Goodwin, Cattle producers not adequately represented, Dr Paul Wright opinion

22 September 2020
CPA Blog, CPA responds to Shan Goodwin’s article “Beef pushes back on red tape fake claims

14 June 2020
CPA Blog, Joanne Rea Homeschooling highlights misinformation and bias on livestock production

28 February 2020
CPA Blog, CPA calls for action on levy payer register

26 February 2020
Farmonline, Shan Goodwin, Common ground on Red Meat Industry Reform

25 February 2020
Farmonline, Shan Goodwin, Moves underway for red meat levy register

10 February 2020
CPA Blog CPA welcomes return of David Littleproud as Minister for Agriculture

7 February 2020
Farmonline, Shan Goodwin, Red Meat Reform tweaks levy control

7 February 2020
Beef Central, James Nason Red Meat Future bright, but reform vital: Mackay
Don Mackay addresses the Rural Press Club of Queensland lunch

31 January 2020
Beef Central, James Nason, Red Meat White Paper: Where is it up to, and what’s next?

30 January 2020

James Nason: Beef Central: Losing McKenzie would be blow for red meat reform

29 January 2020
Shan Goodwin: Farm Online: More Headwinds for the red meat single body plan

24 January 2020
CPA Blog Minister for Agriculture confirms that input from levy payers will be a critical part of any new structure

Dr Paul Wright Chair of Cattle Producers Australia (CPA) said that “CPA supports Senator Bridget McKenzie in her vitally important role as Minister for Agriculture acknowledging her initiatives to date in seeking not only reform of grass-roots cattle producer representation but also her work to ensure bio security measures are in place to protect the beef industry’s future.

24 December 2019
CPA Christmas & New Year Newsletter

27 October 2019
CPA’s Media Release: CPA Responds to Modernising the R & D Systems

25 October 2019
CPA’s submission to The Modernising the R & D Corporation System Discussion

31 October 2019
CPA Media Release – CPA responds to opinion piece by Kathy Lovelock, president of United Beef Breeders WA

24 October 2019
Stock & Land – Live: Making our voices heard

18 October 2019
Beef Central – Industry views on proposed red meat reforms: CPA

17 October 2019
CPA Media ReleaseA Better Red Meat Future
In response to CCA’s Media Release

16 October 2019
Beef Central: Red Meat Strategy launched: Structure still a work in progress

15 October 2019
Cattle Council of Australia Media Release – A Better Red Meat Future

11 October 2019
CPA Media Release: CPA meets with the CCA Board

9 October 2019
Farm Weekly Updated: Call for cattleman to voice LPA concerns
In this article CPA chairman, Dr Paul Wright encourages cattle producers to have their say on the RMAC MoU Review White Paper to ensure that cattle producers are well represented within the new structure.

4 October 2019
CPA Media Release CPA speaks at Meeting in Tasmania on RMAC’s White Paper – Red Meat Australia

23 September 2019
Beef Central – Discussion Paper released on modernising Australian R & D Corporations

6 September 2019
Beef Central – John Condon – Reforms ahead in Agricultural’s approach to R & D
FEDERAL agriculture minister Senator Bridget McKenzie yesterday announced the formation of an advisory body to provide options on reform opportunities for agriculture’s research and development system, as part of a drive to ‘modernise innovation.’

5 September 2019
Beef Central – Opinion Piece by Peter Noble – History suggests Red Meat Australia proposal is an ‘impossible pipedream’

5 September 2019
In an Open Letter to the Minister CPA endorses the Coalition of Grass-fed Levy Payer’s Open Letter to the Minister Rejecting Red Meat Industry ‘White Paper’

4 September 2019
Beef Central – Opinion Piece by Peter Noble – Byzantine regulations plague red meat industry

30 August 2019
Open Letter from a Coalition of Grass-fed Cattle Producers firmly rejecting the Red Meat Advisory Council’s (RMAC) MoU Review White Paper

23 August 2019
Minister for Agriculture Bridget McKenzie says we must move on improving Peak Industry Councils: ABC Interview

10 August 2019
CPA Media Release: CPA condemns White Paper Proposal

2 August 2019
Hunt Blog – Hunt Blog – RMAC calls for Top Down do what you’re told democracy rather than bottom up grassroots democracy where levy papers call the shots.

30 July 2019
Beef Central –
James Nason
Red Meat White Paper: Producers Control of grassfed levies remains key issue

10 July 2019
CPA Delivers 2nd Statement against the MoU Review White Paper

10 July 2019 
Huntblog – ‘Independent’ Red Meat Review White Paper Taskforce calls for Red Meat Industry Taxation without Representation 2019.07.10

9 July 2019
Beef Central – Red Meat MoU White Paper: Ag Minister, Cattle Groups Responds

4 July 2019
Hunt Blog – Red Meat Animal Farm RMAF to replace RMAC Use of Levy Funds by Representative Bodies 2019.07.04

5 July 2019
Dr Paul Wright interviewed on ABC Country Hour
Red Meat Australia would leave cattle producers even more alienated.  …The position of the Grass-fed cattle transaction levy payer, they pay the levies and deserve to be represented and they deserve to have a say in how their policies are developed.

5 July 2019
CPA Rejects RMAC’s White Paper Proposals as Damaging for the Red Meat Industries

4 July 2019
RMAC Press Release – Red Meat Reform to Deliver Single Red Meat Advocate

19 June 2019
Richmond River Beef Producers Step up Support for CPA

27 May 2019
CPA Welcomes new Agriculture Minister

13 May 2019
CPA – Time for Change

23 April 2019
CPA calls on Government to stand firm on the 481 Grain Fed EU Quota Access

18 April 2019
CPA Calls for an Option 5: The law of Accord:Structure which follows from Strategy

6 April 2019
Beef Central – Taxing red meat will worsen, not improve, environmental issues: CPA

5 April 2019
ACCC Deputy Chair Mick Keogh discusses Price Transparency at the NT Cattleman’s Conference

3 April 2019
CPA – Chris Main – Explains -Taxing red meat will exacerbate environmental issues including Climate Change

22 March 2019

Beef Central, James Nason
Lower cattle prices reflect lack of progress toward supply chain cooperation: CPA

14 March 2019
CPA Media Release

No Progress with whole of supply chain cooperation

5 March 2019
CPA March Newsletter

5 March 2019
Survey invitation for research on Pinkeye

5 March 2019
Prime Minister Announces Nth Queensland Livestock Recovery Agency

25 February 2019
Beef Central – James Nason
CPA urges producers to comment on Red Meat Green Paper

22 February 2019
CPA Media Release
Cattle Producers Australia (CPA) Chair Dr Paul Wright is calling on producers to carefully consider the Green Paper recently released by the Red Meat MoU Review Task Force and to formally submit their preferences to the Task Force Review Committee.

20 February 2019
Recovery after Devastation – 2019 Queensland Floods
Cattle Producers Australia (CPA) acknowledges the immense task ahead in managing the unprecedented flood damage that has devastated Northern Queensland. CPA Committee member Rob Atkinson sends a message to producers affected by the floods via a video.

14 February 2019
Beef Central – James Nason
Close calls mean Govt must boost biosecurity surveillance: CPA

14 February 2019
CPA Media Release
CPA calls on Government to ramp-up Biosecurity surveillance across Australia after a recent detection of Foot and Mouth Disease contaminated food brought in by international visitors.

1 February 2019
Beef Central – James Nason
Government response to red meat senate inquiry : Producer groups react

1 February 2019
North Queensland Register – Shan Goodwin
Anger at Governments lack of will for cattle lobby reform

1 February 2019
North Queensland Register – Shan Goodwin
CCA’s Response to the Governments Response to the Senate Inquiry into the Effect of Market consolidation on the Red Meat Processing Sector.

1 February 2019
CPA Media Release
CPA Responds to the Government’s Response to the Senate Inquiry into the Effect of Market Consolidation on the Red Meat Processing Sector

28 January 2019
Link to our latest video
Dr Paul Wright, Chair of Cattle Producers Australia, names Beef the King of Food and highlights the international reputation Australian beef has established as a clean, safe nutritious product.

23 January 2019
Link to Our New Video Here
Dr Paul Wright, Chair of Cattle Producers Australia, calls on the current generation to sign up to CPA so that upcoming generations of cattle producers inherit a legacy of grass-roots representation in the development of the government policies that affect their industry.

22 January 2018

Hunt Blog – From Russia With Love – Red Meat Industry Organisations adopt Russia’s ‘Imitation Democracy’

16 January 2019
Video link Here
Emeritus Professor Chris Pollitt visited Dr Paul Wright’s property at Taroom, Queensland to discuss the current top-down representation of grass fed cattle transaction levy payers. CPA plans to reverse this by giving the levy payers themselves a voice in the development of the government policies that affect their industry.

21 December 2018
Christmas Newsletter
The CPA Team wish Cattle Producers across Australia a very pleasant and safe Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

17 December 2018
CPA  Media Release
CPA Opposes Beef Imports into Australia

13 December 2018
Opinion Piece – Dr Paul Wright, Chair CPA
Vested Interests Blocking Industry Reform

12 December 2018
Weekly Times – Opinion Piece – Dr Paul Wright, Chair of CPA
Cattle Industry Vested Interest Blocking Need for Urgent Reform

12 December 2018
CPA Blog
Cattle Producers Urge Government to Rethink Bushfire Policies

1 December 2018
CPA Blog
CPA Launches with growing membership numbers

2 December 2018
VideoAspiring young farmer interviews CPA Chair, Dr Paul Wright about Cattle Producers Australia and ACCC Deputy Commissioner, Mick Keogh on the ACCC Cattle and Beef Market Study update report at a CPA Beef Forum.

Border Mail Article on the CPA Beef Forum by John Chanter

27 November 2018
Farmonline National
CPA Unhappy with Cattle Council’s planned restructure by Shan Goodwin

24 November 2018
The Border Mail
Cattle group calls for fairness by Jodie O’Sullivan

24 November 2018
A recap of the events from January 2018 which saw Cattle Council of Australia CCA resign from the CPA Implementation Committee.

21 November 2018
At the recent RedMeat 2018 Forum, RMAC Chair, Mr Don Mackay was asked how he manages matters with commercial conflict of interest between the various red meat industry sectors that it represents and how it advises Government on important issues such as live sheep and cattle exports.
Mr Mackay stated it is the role of the peak organisations to deal with that issue and indicated that it is unfair to expect that RMAC handles all the issues that arise in the industry, the peak bodies are there to deal with these issues.
CPA says, “Either you are the voice to Government for whole of industry or you are not!”
CPA questions RMAC’s role at RedMeat 2018

20 November 2018
CCA held their AGM this week at RedMeat 2018 and announced their draft restructure model for grass-fed cattle producers.
Dr Wright sees democratic discrepancies in the new CCA draft model as the direct elect board that comes from a levy payer vote do not actually appear to develop or deliver policy, they only oversee and endorse the policy created by the committees.
“This is a real concern for the industry, after all the senate inquiries and industry studies that have provided recommendations for reform we are still being dealt a false sense of democracy by industry leaders,” he said.
|CPA Media on CCA AGM 2018

10 November 2018
Border Mail – Rural – Jodie O’Sullivan
Article:  David Littleproud meets with Cattle Producers Australia members at Eldorado

31 October 2018
CPA met with Agriculture Minister David Littleproud along with members of the Wangaratta and Ovens Valley Branches of the VFF at Natasha Lobban’s Property near Wangaratta, North East Victoria. CPA and members sought support from the Minister for CPA as the new independent representative body for grass-fed cattle farmers and answers on why CPA has not received the $500,000 Leadership in Agriculture Industries funding that was approved back in October last year.
Press Release- Minister meets with CPA

Video snippet of meeting below

22 October 2018
Beef Central
EU gets green light to review grain fed quota deal with US

18 October 2018
Farmonline – Shan Goodwin
CPA Calls for Action on EU

17 October 2018
Beef Central
CCA Determined to maintain EU Market Share for Australian grain fed Beef

16 October 2018
Hunt Blog
Bringing Home the Bacon European Union Style
Win-Win for the EU Lose-Lose for Australia

15 October 2018
Beef Central
Cattle producers concerned by risk to EU beef market access

15 October 2018
CPA Press Release: CPA calls for Action on 481 EU Grain Fed Beef Quota
…CPA has an expectation that the Australian EU Red Meat Taskforce along with other industry representative bodies such as RMAC and MLA will stand firm on this issue and press resolutely for the retention of the present quota arrangement…. Dr Wright is calling on the Minister for Trade, Simon Birmingham to call it for what it is and to say to the EU, ‘We damn well expect you are going to play by the rules!’  “Many Australian businesses, including our EU customers have invested heavily in the development of this market on the basis that the quota would be applied in a non-discriminatory and origin-neutral manner” he said.
Press Release CPA calls for Action on 481 EU Grain Fed Beef quota

9 October 2018
Exclusive: EU set to clear start of talks to boost US beef imports
Philip Blenkinsop

9 October 2018
Beef Central: Australia at risk of losing valuable EU beef access

2019 Science and Innovation Awards

Grants to realise big ideas for agriculture from young rural innovators

Grant applications are now open for the 2019 Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. If you’re 18-35, this is your chance to apply for a grant of up to $22,000 to fund your project on an innovative or emerging scientific issue that will benefit Australia’s primary industries.The Hon. David Littleproud MP, Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, launched the 2019 Awards .

27 August 2018
Farm Online: CPA chair Dr Paul Wright responds against red meat peak councils merging.

26 August 2018
CPA Chair Dr Paul Wright fiercely opposes merger of red meat peak councils
CPA press release in response to Farmonline article 25818

25 August 2018
Farm Online: Push to merge red meat councils gains strength

21 August 2018
Huntblog Newsletter – The Decline of Australian Rural Industry Representative democracy
2018.08.21 Huntblog Post

21 August 2018
CPA’s Chair Dr Paul Wright Slams Don MacKay’s Opinion Piece.
CPA’s response to RMAC’s Opinion Piece Farmonline

17 August 2018
Weekly Times ACCC heads up ante on cattle reform

16 August 2018
Farmonline Don MacKay Opinion Piece – There is great merit in exploring the risks and benefits of turning three service providers into one; and merging our six red meat industry councils.

14 August 2018
Stock and Land Commissioner Mick Keogh – Farmers may soon be able to get more data on their animals, from processors

10 August 2018
Commissioner Keogh presents overview of the Beef and Cattle Market Study at the Australian Livestock Saleyards Association Annual Conference

5 July 2018
QLD Country Hour with Barry O’Sullivan

29 June 2018
Cattle Producers Australia forum hears from ACCC about slow reform progress

15 June 2018
Cattle Producers Australia’s first industry forum – a success

15 June 2018
Cattle Producers Australia Forum to discuss “Urgent Industry Matters” Commissioner Mick Keogh to present at CPA Forum Monday 25 June 2018, Commercial Club, Albury, commencing at 1.30 pm

26 May 2018
Reform still hot topic
BMM_2018_05_26_p46reform still hot topic

21 May 2018
NQ Cattleman donates cows to raise funds for new body

21 May 2018
Cattle Producer Mr Ernie Camp from Burke in Queensland’s Gulf Country provides seed capital for CPA
Cattle Producers Australia to receive seed capital donation210518

18 May 2018
CPA supports Commissioner Keogh’s Speech at the Third Annual Agricultural Law Conference in Melbourne on the Topic of Regulation in the Agriculture Industry
CPA Supports M Keogh’s Speech at Law Conference in Melb

15 May 2018
ABC Country Hour reporter, Charlie McKillop interviews CPA Chair, Dr Paul Wright – Why we need a democratic organisation to represent all cattle producers across Australia.

15 May 2018
ABC Country Hour interviews Derek Schoen, President of NSW’s Farmers Association, who highlights the degree of general discontent among cattle producers with the current advocacy organisations.

11 May 2018
The Border Mail – Little has changed in 12 months since ACCC’s cattle and beef industry market study, update shows

11 May 2018
Industry Groups respond to ACCC review – AMIC, CCA, CPA

7 May 2018
CPA Supports ACCC Cattle and beef industry market study – Update Report
CPA response to ACCC Update Report on the Cattle and beef market study

4 May 2018
RMAC – ACCC Should enable not inhibit competition

4 May 2018
ACCC: Poor progress on cattle and beef industry market reform

30 January 2018
Wheels turning on new cattle producer group

30 January 2018
Grass-fed restructure committee members incorporate ‘Cattle Producers Australia’

29 January 2018
Cattle Producers Australia Incorporates
Announcement of Cattle Producers Australia’s Incorporation

23 January 2018
ABC Rural report, Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) quits industry reforms – Charlie McKillop interviews CCA President, Howard Smith, Implementation Committee member, Norman Hunt and AgForce President Grant Maudsley

20 January 2018
Will there be a new big cattle producer group?

18 January 2018
Grass-fed restructure stakeholder reaction

18 January 2018
Cattle Council resigns from grass-fed industry restructure committee

22 November 2017
Slaughter reporting raises concerns over transparency, competitiveness, say ACCC

22 November 2017
Reliable information is essential to red meat industry productivity ACCC

31 October 2017
ACCC beef study reveals price transparency issues

27 October 2017
Cattle Council receives $500,000 to help with grass-fed industry restructure

20 September 2017
Cattle reform inaction 
A key aspect of reform for the red meat sector, cannot happen without Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce’s assistance, industry warns. Red Meat Advisory Council chair Don Mackay, said the industry was crying out for help from the Federal Government to restructure its peak body, Cattle Council of Australia.

15 September 2017
Clock running for red meat sector to get reform happening

13 September 2017
Government will force reforms if industry doesn’t: Rural senate committee

13 September 2017
Red meat sector Senate inquiry recommends new cattle peak body

12 September 2017
Senate inquiry calls for ‘beef up’ of peak beef cattle representation

30 August 2017
RMAC responds to ACCC recommendations, blasts Senator’s criticism of industry leadership. Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie claiming industry leaders continue to stick their heads in the sand. Beef Central Article.

26 August 2017
Senator McKenzie – beef leaders continue to stick their head in the sand

11 August 2017
Senator Barry O’Sullivan’s beefy blast at Cattle Council all “True” says President Howard Smith

8 August 2017
ABC Rural – ‘Like the fox guarding the hen house’ Red meat industry failing to address bad sale yard behaviour, Senators Say.

8 March 2017
The ACCC says cattle processors should publish their price grids for direct to works sales to improve transparency in the Australian cattle market, this is one of 15 recommendations it has released in its beef and cattle market report. For more information.

20 January 2017
Ovens Valley VFF urges government to make mandatory price reporting just that in open letter to Barnaby Joyce

20 January 2017
Mandatory price reporting calls renewed as ACCC report nears

21 September 2016
ABC Country Hour, Warwick Long interviews Senator Bridget McKenzie and Loretta Carroll – Calls to reform beef markets and increase transparency

5 August 2016
Is it time agricultural risk was shared along the supply chain? by M Keogh, AFI

14 June 2016
ACCC Toowoomba Forum:  Grading, Commission buyers, mandatory reporting debated

1 June 2016
ABC Country Hour, Warwick Long interviews David Byard, Australian Beef Association wants independent inspectors in abattoirs

1 June 2016
ABC Country Hour, Warwick Long interviews Greg Mirabella and Loretta Carroll from North East Victoria seeking change to the Sale yard system

5 May 2016
ABC Country Hour, Warwick Long interviews Senator Bridget McKenzie
Senate Inquiry into red meat processing calls for changes to address culture of fear in the Industry

5 April 2016
ACCC launches market study into cattle and beef industry

9 December 2015
ABC Rural Report by Anna Vidot – No Evidence Barnawartha boycott was the result of collusion: ACCC – interview with Commissioner and Chair Rod Sims

9 December 2015
ACCC – Alleged Barnawartha boycott concerns investigated

14 September 2015
Is transparent market information the best medicine for sick markets? by M Keogh, AFI

31 July 2015
Is it time to re-examine the red meat industry’s MoU?

17 July 2015
Ag White Paper:  Good in parts but focused on symptoms by M Keogh, AFI

15 July 2015
Opinion piece: Strengthening the future of the grass fed cattle industry
by Barnaby Joyce, Minister for Agriculture

31 March 2015
Red meat processing inquiry will target supply chain transparency:  O’Sullivan
Opinion Piece: Senator Barry O’Sullivan

19 March 2015
Senate approves inquiry into red meat processing sector

2 March 2015
Producers call for senate inquiry into processor boycott

26 February 2015
ACCC investigates Barnawartha boycott

20 February 2015
ABC Rural Report Farming Groups want ACCC to investigate meat processors after Wodonga boycott

17 February 2015
Labor Senator Glenn Sterle has repeated demands for Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce to act on structural reforms to benefit the beef cattle industry, as recommended in a far-reaching Senate inquiry. Farmonline National Article

17 February 2015
Grass-fed groups present Joyce with restructure plan

5 November 2014
ABC Rural Report – James Jooste interviews CCA CEO, Jed Matz
Cattle Council will establish independent and democratically elected board to administer grass-fed cattle levies

4 Novembers 2014
Levy restructure:  What are the implications for MLA?

31 October 2014
Grass-fed Cattle restructure breakthrough

19 September 2014
Senate report not an attack on CCA or MLA:  Chris Back discusses the fundamentally flawed relationships between producers, peak industry councils and industry service providers

18 September 2014
CCA left out in the Cold

9 September 2014
Grass-fed Senate inquiry recommends producer body to control grass-fed levies

6 March 2014
Does levy funding compromise CCA – MLA’s master – servant relationship?

12 December 2013
The Senate referred the following matter to the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee for inquiry and report by 28 March 2014.
The industry structures and systems governing the collection and disbursement of marketing and research and development levies pertaining to the sale of grass-fed cattle

9 November 2012
Cattle Council in levy service talks with MLA

2 August 2012
Former Cattle Council head call for MLA changes

10 February 2012
A fog descending on Australian Agricultural markets by M Keogh, AFI

5 April 2012
Northern cattlemen relive ‘betrayal’ call for a review of beef industry representation

23 May 2011
Exclusive:  CCA facing membership crises

October 2010, Meat Livestock Industry …The MOU incorporates the definition of agreed roles and responsibilities; through RMAC with other Peak Industry Councils.

September 2009
Levy producers pay to promote beef consumption, with levies to be lifted to $5 based on a predicted increase in the national herd to 30.4 million head, which in turn would deliver an extra 335,000 tonnes of beef to market by this year. 2018 and we’re still seeing a steady drop in beef consumption. Farm Weekly Article,

2009 Beef Levy Review