Cattle Producers Australia (CPA) has lodged a submission which outlines a strategy for a profitable and sustainable future for Australian red meat and livestock industries and a structure that will deliver it. Responding to the Green Paper published by the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) MoU Review Panel Task Force, CPA presented well validated conclusions, see link to: Cattle Producers Australia – Final Red Meat MoU Review Submission 150419 designed to define the reform process needed to bring the red meat industry structures up to date for current and future industry needs.

In describing the submission CPA Chair Dr Paul Wright said, “CPA holds as a fixed principle that the grass-fed cattle production sector should have a representative organisation which is directly elected by grass-fed cattle producer levy-payers and which has control over the levies they pay and the policies that impact on their industry. This proposition is indisputably supported by numerous findings from Senate Committee hearings and independent consultants which are listed in detail in the submission.”

The submission outlines the many benefits which would flow from a unified, directly elected representative structure. The structure would duplicate that which has been adopted by the Australian Meat Processor Corporation and the Australian Meat Industry Council.

Dr Wright said that CPA offers an Option 5 (Option 5: The law of Accord: Structure which follows Strategy) outlining a preferred future and strategy for the grass-fed cattle production sector of the red meat industry.

“In summary the overall strategy is to have a red meat industry organisational structure comprised of strong unified representative sectors who engage with their members and respond to win customer and consumer favour while gaining community support for its management of the social and environmental challenges that emerge. The CPA’s preferred structure depicted in our submission is one which is designed to achieve that strategy,” he said.

The CPA position for implementing an overall industry strategy and achieving clear objectives relies on the adoption of an effective reformed structure for the red meat industry with three indispensable pillars:

  1. A multi-sector, whole of supply chain, representative body capable of delivering robust representation on issues agreed upon by the industry sectors.
  2. A two-component organisational structure for each red meat industry sector comprising:-
  • a levy funded R&D corporation which could contribute to joint and core MLA functions and policy development R&D for its sector’s advocacy peak industry council;
  • an adequately funded, accountable, transparent and directly elected peak industry council;
  1. A funding model and amended MoU which delivers levy payer control of the rate, collection and expenditure of their levies.

Dr Wright said “It is hoped that the proposals for restructure which CPA presented to the MoU Review Task Force receives support from all sectors of the red meat industry.  Our members believe that the Green Paper and the White Paper to follow present an opportunity to bring the red meat industry structures up to date for current and future industry needs.”

For further information contact:

Dr Paul Wright

Cattle Producers Australia (Implementation Committee)
“Woongarra” Taroom Qld 4420
Phone 07 4628 6185 Mobile 0438 286 185

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