Cattle Producers Australia (CPA) acknowledges the immense task ahead in managing the unprecedented flood damage that has devastated Northern Queensland. CPA Committee member Rob Atkinson sends a message to producers affected by the floods via a video below.

Cattle Producers Australia would like to let everyone affected by the recent flooding events in the Central West, North West and Herbert Burdekin districts of Queensland know that our thoughts and hearts go out to you at this very difficult time. As you come to the reality of livestock losses and damage to infrastructure and plant, please know that many people and organisations are working on making life a little easier for you. Behind the scenes, plans and negotiations are well underway to try and alleviate some of the financial burden that you are enduring. Obviously cashflow will be critical for your businesses. The nation needs your businesses to remain viable and to begin the recovery as soon as possible.

Most of you have mountains to climb, be it financially, mentally, emotionally and physically, but with some sensible decision making by Local, State and Federal governments and within the banking fraternity, you can and will bounce back.

CPA urges you to reach out and communicate whenever you feel that you need to talk about the mountains you are climbing. Please check on your neighbours regularly. Your communities need you to be safe and for your families, employees and businesses to make the best possible recovery.

CPA highlights the importance for ongoing communication and producer involvement and participation in the recovery process which will require a co-ordinated whole-of-nation approach. A flood of this magnitude threatens to disrupt all levels of economic activity across the impacted regions and producers make up a major part of that economic activity emphasising the importance of financial assistance.

It is pleasing to see a Flood Recovery Committee working closely with the Prime Minister, Queensland Premier, Agriculture Minister and the Hon. Linda Reynolds Federal Minister for Disaster Assistance and State Ministers and Departments to foster cooperation between public and private stakeholders to achieve the critical work required in both the short and longer term. This Committee is Chaired by Barry Hughes, President of the Gulf Cattleman’s Association and includes John Wharton Mayor of Richmond Shire; Gary Edwards Managing Director of Australian Agribusiness Assets and Investments; Richard Norton Elders General Manager, Dr Paul Wright Chair of CPA, Ernie Camp CPA Director, Mayor of Burke Shire and Chair of Gulf Savannah Development, Rob Atkinson CPA Committee member and Russell Lethbridge, Member of Agforce, Director on Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) Board and Director MLA Donor Company Board who are all working collectively on the recovery effort.

We wish you well during this most difficult time and please check out the links below for Government assistance:

Disaster recovery

MLA links to resources – supporting flood – affected producers

Information on disaster recovery including financial assistance, cleaning up, how you can help, volunteering, and insurance.

Financial Assistance and Guidelines for Producers:

Declared disaster areas:

Government advice on carcass disposal:

Fodder drops:
A fodder drop program is being delivered by the Australian Defence Force, Local Government, AgForce and Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Producers can register for a fodder drop at AgForce’s website.




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