The Policy Advisory Council will be made up of 15 persons each representing one of the 15 Regional Electorates in accord with the provisions of the CPA Constitution.

The role of the Policy Advisory Council is to determine all grass-fed cattle industry policy in conjunction with the CPA Board and with the assistance when required of Member Surveys.

Members who own properties pasturing and/or producing grass-fed cattle in a Regional Electorate will be eligible to stand as a candidate to be elected as that Regional Electorates representative on the Policy Advisory Council.

The role of each Policy Advisory Councilor is to:

  • Represent the Members of the Regional Electorate, which elected that Policy Advisory Councilor to the Policy Advisory Council
  • Engage and communicate with Members in the Regional Electorate which they represent, so that they can advise the Policy Advisory Council of the views and opinions of those Members have with respect to Policy issues and proposals.
  • To communicate with the Members in the regional electorate that they represent, to inform those Members of the views and opinions of the Board and Policy Advisory Council on any relevant policy issues or proposals.
  • To liaise with the Members of the regional electorate with respect to, and facilitate the Company’s Member’s Services business.
  • To attend Policy Advisory Council meetings in person and/or by telephone or skype,
  • To be Eligible Board Candidates.