Cattle Producers Australia Limited (CPA) is an incorporated entity specifically designed to democratically represent the national interests of grass-fed cattle transaction levy payers. CPA is the new voice for Australia’s grass-fed cattle producers. All grass-fed cattle transaction levy payers will have a say in how their levies are spent and will be entitled to free membership, voting rights and the opportunity to stand for election. A Policy Advisory Councillor will be elected from each of the 15 regions across Australia. Control of CPA will be directly in the hands of grass-fed cattle producers. The Policy Advisory Council will be responsible for establishing CPA’s Policy platform and Councilors will be eligible to stand for election on the 7 person CPA Board of Directors through a nation-wide ballot every 4 years.

The CPA Board will be responsible for implementing the Policy platform, managing CPA’s members services business and providing corporate governance to CPA. If there is any dispute between the CPA Board and the 15 person Policy Advisory Council on Policy issues then that issue will be put to a Members Survey whose decision will be binding on the CPA Board.

Become a member

An extract from a recent letter from the Hon. Tim Fischer AC supporting the new entity:

“Cattle Producers Australia seeks to bring a major focus to the ‘Grass-Fed’ cattle industry and revamp industry communication capabilities to drive forward policies on the cattle industry on the domestic and export fronts.”

Now is the time – he goes on to say:

“Now is the time for our producers to regroup and revamp the voices of the cattle industry by creating a new conduit with a strong member base and dynamic leadership… As a former Trade Minister and now grass-fed cattle operator, I feel strongly now is the time for Cattle Producers Australia to lift off…”

Cattle Producers Australia’s core business is to advance the economic, political and social interests of Australian grass-fed cattle producers. The organisation will provide Australian grass-fed cattle producers with the following services:

  • Policy development and advocacy to influence public policy to benefit members
  • A comprehensive data base to network and communicate with members
  • A member’s survey platform
  • Facilitate leadership development
  • An interactive inclusive website – news stories and discussions on issues of the day
  • Membership fee for services (discounted services and products from member services suppliers)
  • Oversite and governance of MLA on grass fed cattle issues
  • Membership and contribution to RMAC

Cattle Producers Australia welcome all grass-fed cattle producers to team up with us as members to help us achieve a truly representative peak industry body to deliver your message to Government in a strong and deliberate manner and to ensure producers can develop and grow innovative opportunities and a solid reputation.