Who is Cattle Producers Australia?

Cattle Producers Australia Ltd (CPA) is a new organisation established to represent Grass-fed cattle producers across Australia.

We offer a new era of leadership in advocacy and governance for the grass-fed beef industry. We are a democratically elected organisation and all grass-fed cattle producer Members have voting rights and equal opportunity to stand for election. Policy Advisory Councillors will be elected from 15 regions across Australia. Control of CPA will be directly in the hands of grass-fed levy paying cattle producers.

Who can join?

Any grass-fed cattle producer who can verify that they have paid transaction levies on grass-fed cattle sales and provide a Property Identification Code where the cattle were grazed and agree to the terms of the CPA constitution.  Members will be required to provide evidence that they have paid transaction levies in the previous financial year leading up to elections.

How much will it cost me to become a member?

Membership is Free

Our Constitution stipulates that every grass fed cattle producers in Australia who is an eligible applicant is eligible to apply to become a member of the Company in accord with the provisions of the Constitution without payment of any membership fee. Free membership comes with full voting entitlements.

Member Services Fee

Members who pay an annual services fee ($55 inc GST) to the Company will be entitled to avail themselves of any Members Services advertised on the Company’s website at the discount price nominated.

Associate Membership

Persons who do not pay transaction levies and are interested in the grass-fed cattle industry are welcome to join as an Associate member.  Associate Members do not have voting entitlements.

What is your vision?

A strong and independent national body to represent all grass-fed Cattle producers to achieve a viable, productive and secure future.

What is your Key role?

To advance the economic, political and social interests of the grass-fed cattle producer.

What does CPA want to achieve?

CPA receives its mandate from two Senate inquiries, recommending the establishment of a transparent and accountable producer-owned body as the sectors Peak Industry Council to represent grass-fed cattle producers across Australia.

We want to reduce the disconnect between producers and policy and increase grass-roots engagement.

We seek to ensure cattle producers work together to achieve a viable and secure future by sharing ideas and collaborating on solutions. We will work closely with government, regulatory bodies and other meat industry groups to further the interests of all our members.

What are my voting entitlements?

A CPA member will be eligible to stand for election and each CPA member will be eligible to one vote for a Policy Advisory Councilor to represent them on the Policy Advisory Council from the region in which they hold a PIC.

The 7 person CPA Board will be elected from those eligible Policy Advisory Councilor candidates by a nation-wide ballot conducted through two voting Registers, with each CPA member having:

  • one vote in register A; and
  • one vote in register B and an extra vote for every $1000 in cattle transaction levies paid by that member in the previous financial year.

The Board candidate who receives the most votes in Register A and Register B will be the first CPA board member to be elected at each CPA board election.

The other 6 CPA board members will be comprised of the 3 board candidates that receive the highest number of votes in Register A and the 3 board candidate that receive the highest number of votes in Register B in each CPA election.

A CPA member will be required to verify the amount of transaction levies paid for the previous financial year prior to an election.

What will CPA do?

  • Advocate for and promote producer interests in an effective and coordinated manner.
  • Ensure timely communication and responsive solutions on issues affecting cattle producers.
  • Advocate for better outcomes through member engagement on policy and non-policy issues via online surveys.
  • Provide leadership, development, training and facilitation on a national basis.
  • Develop a strong online and social community to counter disadvantages associated with isolation.
  • Actively engage with the broader community on farming and societal issues.

What you can do?

  • Join CPA today – it’s free and your voice will be heard.
  • Encourage other grass-fed cattle producers to become a member of CPA.
  • Help us achieve a truly representative peak industry body and make a lasting difference.
  • Work with us to deliver your message to government, in a strong and deliberate manner.
  • Visit cattleproducers.com.au and follow us on social media to join the conversation and discuss important topics with fellow producers.

We offer a new era of leadership in advocacy and governance for the grass-fed beef industry.