Our Vision

A Strong and independent national body to represent all grass-fed cattle producers to achieve a viable, productive and secure future.


Cattle Producers Australia

Cattle Producers Australia Limited (CPA) is an incorporated organisation specifically designed to democratically represent the national interests of grass-fed cattle  transaction levy payers.


CPA is the new voice on issues that affect grass-fed cattle production businesses. We offer a new era of leadership on the expenditure of your cattle transaction levies and on the development of policy, advocacy and governance for the grass-fed cattle industry. As a democratically elected organisation, all grass-fed cattle producer members will have voting rights and the opportunity to stand for election.


Control of CPA will be directly in the hands of the grass-fed levy paying cattle producers and members will have a say in how their levies are spent.


A new generation of visions, strategies and actions

What you can do

Join CPA today – it’s free and your voice will be heard.

Encourage other grass-fed cattle producers to become a member of CPA.

Help us achieve a truly representative peak industry body and make a lasting difference.

Work with us to deliver your message to government, in a strong and deliberate manner.

Follow us on social media to join the conversation and discuss important topics with fellow producers.

The committee recognises that there is some urgency for a well-resourced Cattle Australia to effectively represent the interests of grass-fed cattle producers. Moreover, once operational, Cattle Australia will be able to make appropriate, informed decisions on behalf of their levy payers about price transparency across the supply chain.

Source: https://www.beefcentral.com/news/government-will-force-reforms-if-industry-doesnt-rural-senate-committee/
Senate Committee

Someone has got to stand up for the little fellas and men and women around the place who don’t have a voice.

Source: https://www.beefcentral.com/news/government-will-force-reforms-if-industry-doesnt-rural-senate-committee/
Barry O’Sullivan

…Now is the time for our producers to regroup and revamp the voices of the cattle industry by creating a new conduit with a strong member base and dynamic leadership… As a former Trade Minister and now grass fed cattle operator, I feel strongly now is the time for Cattle Producers Australia to lift off…

Tim Fischer, AC

I thank all of the groups that have worked productively and collaboratively with the government and with each other to get to this point – each organisation has shown strong leadership and enormous goodwill for which I am grateful.

Source: https://www.beefcentral.com/news/grassfed-groups-present-joyce-with-restructure-plan/
Barnaby Joyce