Representatives of Australian grass-fed cattle producers have recognised the need for a National democratic organisational model to establish an effective structure that will truly represent all cattle producers. This organisation, ‘Cattle Producers Australia’ will foster innovation and secure high-level co-operation between government, industry stakeholders and the Australian community.

The shared vision of Cattle Producers Australia is to establish a national, sustainably funded, truly representative grass-fed cattle peak industry body that represents and provides leadership and advocacy services to every grass fed-cattle transaction levy payer in Australia.

The Implementation Committee (IC) was established in 2015 after the then Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce supported the request from industry organisations that all grass-fed cattle producers who pay levies should have the opportunity to vote and have their say on industry matters affecting them.  It was determined that their vision could not be achieved through existing entities and were therefore committed to establishing a new independent successful and effective leadership organisation.

Since 2013 there have been two senate inquiries involving the cattle industry, the first investigated the industry structures and systems governing producer levies and the second examined the Effect of market consolidation on the red-meat-marketing sector.  Both inquiries strongly supported industry reform, above all, they both strongly supported in their recommendations the formation of a new transparent and accountable producer-owned body as the sector’s Peak Industry Council.

A report released in 2014 by the Australian Farm Institute, “Opportunities to Improve the Effectiveness of Australian Farmers Advocacy Groups” stated that the Australian farming sector is considered among the least ‘organised’ in the world and has very few examples of successful collective action.

Cattle Producers Australia will:

  • Advocate for and promote producer interests in an effective and coordinated manner.
  • Ensure timely communication and responsive solutions on issues affecting cattle producers.
  • Advocate for better outcomes through member engagement on policy and non-policy issues
  • Provide leadership, development, training and facilitation on a national and regional basis.
  • Develop a strong online and social community to counter disadvantages associated with isolation.
  • Actively engage with the broader community on farming and societal issues.

Cattle Producers Australia will drive high level outcomes supporting the needs of industry and Government in developing a direct communication model that can effectively drive policy development, priorities for research and development and agricultural trade.