With the advent of homeschooling across the board as a result of coronavirus many parents have had the opportunity for the first time to see exactly what their children are taught. It has come as a shock for many.

Jaimie Varcoe (see interview link below) was, for quite a while, a lone voice in protesting what he knew to be an impossibly large amount of water used to produce a kilogram of beef. Since the advent of homeschooling, he has been swamped with messages of support.


Similarly, Queensland MP Colin Boyce has been sent images of posters either produced by the Education Department or used as a resource by teachers. All target agriculture or livestock in particular. I am absolutely certain that the vast majority of teachers could not explain how any of these positions are arrived at down to a basic scientific level. They have been lifted from propaganda and outdated propaganda at that.

These claims build reputational damage against such industries into the community with no alternate argument applied.

The reputational damage is not just a “suck it up and grow a spine type damage” which we in the country endure too often. It influences the public and politicians, and ultimately the law under which we must operate. It is used to morally justify things such as vegetation management laws including the feeding of Mulga without provision for compensation. They cause real business harm and potential animal welfare problems in the case of Mulga. It also results in strict regulation of firebreak width and positioning which can pose a genuine danger. There are many other measures which are counter-productive or damaging. Forestry and fisheries suffer similar defamation and destruction of their businesses.

Where is the science?

If education departments are going to make allegations such as that in the broadcast and those in the following posters the science must be presented at the same time in the same classroom with the same teacher so that it can be easily understood rather than as a sweeping unsupported statement. Otherwise, it is simply an opinion.

Joanne Rea

Picture Colin Boyce MP

The pictures are from Colin Boyce MP as sent by parents.

colin boyce





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