Press Release from RRBP  19 June 2019

President of Richmond River Beef Association (RRBP), Mr Phil Keevers announced today that he and his organisation would be supporting Cattle Producers Australia (CPA) in achieving long overdue beef industry reforms. “We feel now is the time for all cattle producers to get behind CPA to ensure the recommendations from recent Senate inquiries that specify important changes are implemented,” he said.

Mr Keevers said that CPA had lodged a far-sighted submission in response to the Red Meat Industry MoU Review. “Members of my organisation are encouraged by the prospect of the grass-fed cattle producer peak body being democratically elected by all levy payers and with increased powers that would match the other peak Councils LiveCorp and the Australian Meat Processor Corporation.”

“Cattle producers have long called for an independent and democratic organisation to represent us and the CPA Constitution ticks all the boxes allowing levy payers to have a say in how our transaction levies are spent”.

Phil's Pic
Mr Phil Keevers

The RRBP is particularly impressed with CPA’s 15 distinct geographical regions across Australia to elect representatives to set the policy. The elected representatives in each region will know their local cattle producers and understand their organisational needs. The CPA Board is elected from the Policy Council on a split register voting system which makes allowances for differing levels of levy contribution.

Mr Keevers said, “Our members are in support of having a say in industry matters, especially with activists growing increasingly bolder, now more than ever it is our responsibility to make evident to Australians about the terrific work we do in caring for the environment and in animal welfare. We need to inspire our younger generation of cattle producers to get involved and tell their story and have a strong say in research and development and importantly in advocacy.”

Phil Keevers
Richmond River Beef Producers Association
Contact:  0428766120

– End –


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