Media Release:  5 July 2019

Chair of Cattle Producers Australia (CPA) Dr Paul Wright issued a statement following the release of the Red Meat MoU Review Taskforce White Paper.

Dr Wright Said, “levy paying producers of grass-fed cattle who contribute the “lion’s share” of industry levy funding but have remained largely unrepresented for decades risk having insult heaped upon injury if the structural changes proposed in the ‘White Paper’ produced by the Red Meat Industry MoU Review panel were to be implemented.”

The recommendations produced by a string of Senate Inquiries, ACCC and other comprehensive reviews appear to have been arrogantly ignored by the Review panel leaving levy payers even further removed from any opportunity to influence how their levies are spent and how policies which effect their industry are developed.

Dr Wright said, “the proposal is the antithesis of ‘no taxation without representation’. The repeatedly documented, obvious and damaging inequities of the past stand to be magnified and further institutionalised should the white paper proposals be accepted by the Minister.

Never has it been more important for cattle producers and their representative organisations to unite to ensure cattle producer interests and aspirations for their industry are recognised and given the opportunity to flourish,” he said.

Dr Wright says “past grievances, real and imagined, must be put aside and undivided attention applied to levy payer interests as a major player in the entire beef industry. The navel gazing, “one- up- man-ship” and blatant devotion to self-interest must cease if cattle producers are to avoid what will clearly develop, if left unchecked, into a terminal assault on cattle producer representative objectives at the national level inevitably resulting in shock waves that will undermine the prosperity of the cattle industry sector first and the entire industry to follow.”

At this critical juncture for the cattle industry, CPA again urges cattle producers and organisations which represent them to unite in demanding that their voices be heard and insist that grass-fed cattle levy payer interests be accommodated in Red Meat Industry restructure.

CPA’s representative structure was arrived at as a result of extensive discussion and agreement reached by representative organisations across the cattle industry as being the most appropriate to represent cattle producers nationally.


Dr Paul Wright

Cattle Producers Australia (Implementation Committee)
Taroom  Qld  4420
Phone 07 4628 6185 Mobile 0438 286 185

– END –

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