10 February 2020

Cattle Producers Australia (CPA) today congratulated David Littleproud and welcomed his return to the key portfolio position as Minister for Agriculture.

The Chair of CPA Dr. Paul Wright said that agriculture faces significant challenges. “There is a need for significant government attention with extended drought yet to be properly broken and its effects likely to be affecting cattle producers well into the future. The aftermath of the widespread devastating fires presents another challenge for the Minister in leading and coordinating the efforts of all levels of government to improve bushfire prevention. Meanwhile, North Queensland is still regaining its feet after a massive flood in early 2019 with losses of some 500,000 cattle and massive infrastructure damage.”

Mr Wright said that in spite of these brutal setbacks there was an underlying sense of optimism among cattle producers about their industry’s future. He said that future would become much more secure when all cattle levy payers had a representative body elected by them, which responded to them and acted for them. Mr Wright said that this was possible as the industry was now on the point of much needed reform.  “There is an expectation that Mr Littleproud as Minister for Agriculture will pick up the reins and guide this reform process with the engagement and empowerment of cattle producers across regional Australia firmly in mind.”

Mr Wright said that the return of Mr Littleproud to the Agriculture portfolio is welcomed as it is important at this vital time to have a Minister who has a deep understanding of agriculture coupled with his experience.

“CPA wishes Minister Littleproud great success in the agriculture portfolio and looks forward to working with him,” Mr Wright said.

(the featured image is a photo of Minister Littleproud with Dr Wright when he met with CPA members and local producers in late 2018 to discuss industry reform on a property near Wangaratta) 

Dr Paul Wright

Cattle Producers Australia (Implementation Committee)
“Woongarra” Taroom Qld 4420
Phone 07 4628 6185 Mobile 0438 286 185


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