Cattle Producers Australia will deliver a long awaited independent organisational structure capable of successfully pursuing industry interests  while working closely with government and industry stakeholders to provide direction and liaison through difficult industry matters concerning trade, biosecurity and agricultural issues.

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Cattle Producers will develop a culture of openness and identify opportunities that foster partnerships and collaboration with other organisations to promote recognition and to develop new markets across the globe. The organisation will seek to leverage industry resources by partnering with other groups and organisations in order to build a solid financial resource for long-term sustainability and to maximise value for money.

Another priority will be to work closely and in collaboration with governments and agencies within the beef industry to maximise opportunities for grass fed cattle producers. This will assist in the development of educational programs through the Leadership and Skills Based Training Systems, leading to sustainable grass fed beef production.

Cattle Producers will pursue and explore opportunities for partnering and collaboration with a range of rural industry and community organisations, and importantly, foster and support the development of grass fed cattle industry leaders within each of the Representative Regions. This will greatly improve industry representation and initiate greater communication to support and benefit the Australian community collectively.

A key role will be to facilitate communication between grass fed cattle transaction levy payers and State and Federal Government to establish productive two way communication on policy matters.  Strong communication networks will be established using the 15 representative regions across Australia.

The Implementation Committee (IC)

The IC comprises of all the major grass fed cattle industry organisations who have agreed that an independent organisational structure is required.