Paul Wright Implementation Committee Chair
Paul Wright Implementation Committee Chair

Dr Paul Wright

Chair of the Cattle Producers Australia Implementation Committee

Paul Wright and his wife Marina own and manage beef properties in the Taroom area in Queensland. Paul has been an active member of the Australian Meat Producers Group established as a think tank to seek a better deal for the Australian cattle farmer. He has been a committee member of the Cattle Australia Implementation Committee since it was established in 2015.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Queensland and has a particular interest in beef cattle breeding and production along with performance horse breeding, medicine and use.

Paul established his own veterinary practice in Taroom and acquired properties around the Taroom district moving into cattle breeding and beef production. Paul and his wife Marina now run about 1500 to 2000 cattle in a breeding/finishing operation on approximately 17000 acres.

Paul became heavily involved in the Brucellosis and tuberculosis eradication Program (BTEC) at both the clinical level and at the administrative level for fifteen years continuously. He was appointed as a cattle industry representative on a ‘core group’ of MAC BTEC, where he was responsible for the development and review of Approved Property Programs across Queensland. It was the function of this group to analyse the disease eradication programme implications of Approved Property Programs on cattle producers and to investigate the financial impacts and other difficulties encountered by landholders, advising the Minister of the problems and possible solutions.

Paul has also held various government appointments as a Ministerial Advisor on BTEC, Industry representative for BTEC special assistance funding on the loan approvals board of QIDC, he chaired the Qld Cattle Tick Eradication Implementation Committee, he was a member of the Queensland Animal Health Council and member of the Cattle Tick Management Queensland. Paul was an instigator of, and chaired the committee which oversaw, a highly successful cattle tick eradication programme in what was then the Taroom Shire.

Paul was a foundation member of the Cattlemen’s Union (CU). He held a number of positions in the CU including a term as vice president of that organisation. He was also a Qld representative on the Cattle Council of Australia during 1987-88. While the passing of Paul’s wife Anne in late 1987 curtailed his ability to devote time to cattle industry affairs, he joined Agforce at the time of its formation.

Paul undertook two tours of duty to the UK to assist with the control of a Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001. He retains a keen interest in beef cattle herd health and production and the wellbeing, including the financial wellbeing, of the people who, arguably, produce the highest quality, safest and most sustainable animal protein in the world.