Inviting All Grass-fed Cattle Producers

Thursday 4th August: 10am Meeting

Learn about and voice your thoughts and concerns regarding:

  • Foot-and-Mouth Disease
  • Lumpy Skin Disease
  • The restructure process for industry representation

    Hear the latest from Greg Pankhurst.

    Greg Pankhurst has overseen over 2 million cattle through feedlots in Indonesia. He’s been at the coalface with Indonesian lumpy skin disease and FMD. Greg Chairs the Queensland Livestock Exporters Association. He has ideas you should consider.
  • Learn about the situation with industry restructure.
  • What is happening with the reform process?
  • What principles should apply for levy-payers democratic representation?

    There will be presentations from members of Cattle Producers Australia who will outline concerns.
    This meeting is supported by Ernie Camp, Chair of the Burke Shire Council and Gulf Cattlemen’s Association; Barry Hughes, Chair of the Etheridge Shire Council; Paul Wright Chair of Cattle Producers Australia; Cameron MacIntyre, principal of Mt Booromen Cattle Co.

    Meeting to be held at:  the EKKA Brisbane with Virtual connection available

    Room 3, level 1, Royal International Convention Centre. Access into the site will be via gate #1 on Gregory Terrace, the Convention Centre is the grey building near gate

More Information Phone Rob Atkinson on 0427 417138 Email  rob@atkinsonpastoral.c

Please Register via the link below and the virtual meeting connection details will be forwarded to you:

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